Our farm began as a "Simple Dream" to own land on which we could be self-sufficient. We bought our farm in August 2006. For decades it was part of a larger cattle farm, but it no longer had useable fencing and its only barn had long since been torn down. On vacations and many 3-day weekends, we slowly began to rebuild. With plenty of free labor from parents, "visiting" relatives and friends our plans began to take shape. Finally in December 2009, tired of the corporate rat race, we made the permanent move to our farm. The work was just beginning.... 
Living in a rural area, we found it necessary to deal with local businesses of many types. The folks around our county need our business as much as we need yours. That is why we strongly believe in buying locally and supporting our community. As a result, we do not ship our products and will only arrange delivery (for an additional fee of $1.00/mile, round trip) within 100 miles of our farm. If you can find a satisfactory beef product closer to you, then please do so --- for the sake of your local farmer. You will both be better off for the experience.

About Products & Animals

Our farm is Beef Quality Assurance (BQA) certified. We have installed modern handling facilities to minimize stress when working with our animals. We only sell grass-finished beef. Our Angus-cross cattle never receive hormones or steroids and we do not use routine antibiotics. We employ intensive rotational grazing in order to provide fresh pasture to our animals each day. They only drink fresh rainwater captured in our cistern. 
Our local processor is West Virginia State inspected (limiting the site of our sales transactions to within the state) and allows our beef to age for 10 days. Each cut is vacuum sealed to ensure longer freezer storage. This all adds up to top quality, fork tender beef with optimal health benefits. 

Please arrange for your orders well in advance as quantities are limited. Remember, good food sells fast! 

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Important Info!
  1. Will deliver locally up to 100 miles away with a minimum fee of $20.00
  2. Allows for pickup
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